There an operating system for PC that conclave to be all in one! Microsoft mean is induced your gaming, entertainment, connect with XboxLive and online, daily use, and work! It’s no other than Windows One 🙂 What? Why are all of you looking at me weirdly, um? Did I pronounce the name wrong, um, give me a second here, lol! You all got me I did let’s try it again! It’s no other than Windows 10, they would have named it windows One if Bill Gates didn’t take it when he and crew create their first operating system for PC!


Windows 10 was build up to be your all in one operating system for whatever you need! An Operating system gives you the ground base of your system of any devices. In this case, it does organize files, online in any way, entertainment , work, daily use, Gaming and there even a Microsoft Store! It prices at $119 for Home, Pro: $200 and it’s no long free if you had windows vista, 7 or 8! Even so with all those things and what they said over past year!

Is it true is simple to use and can do it all in one, well let’s see 🙂 Let’s start off with the pros! Starts up time are much faster than windows 7! The start menu was moved from Windows 8 and now its back in a more simple state than it was in windows 7!

Start Menu

They added a Task View that lets you have multiple desktops even you only had one monitor!

Task View

When you extend your screen to work on all of the monitors you got to hook up, the wallpaper fit on all monitor than before it didn’t in windows 7!

screens fit

There now a pause and play feature for moving files!

Moving files action

There had put a selection for your notifications history!


Most all games work even old ones!It’s is simple to use and last there is a tablet mode, so touch it much easier when needed!

Even with all these pros, there got to be cons! Here I go with the cons! There is a Checkbox thing that complete has no use!

Check box

Why are they tiles apps instead of my icon everywhere, grrr, in part I have Icons and in other puts, I don’t!

Start Meun

There is a new store named Microsoft Store but the games are ports from Xbox One or Xbox 360 and us of PC games we say “It need more settings and more stable than it is now”!

Windows 10 store front

There is a new web browser, do we really need another one! The only good thing is to it pinot something out besides that it’s basically like the internet explore! My pickle!!!


Google image of searching for twitter

From a user who love windows 7 and happy to see the start menu back but I wish it was more organise by default, even I can work around it! Why in the pickle there is a log in wallpaper before you can put your password in and log in, grr!

RPG Maker MV CD photo

In anything nowadays there have to be bugs even when it’s one year old! They have change names around from windows 7, but you can still figure it out because they are similar 🙂

All apps title bar

They DECIDED that put a whole new setting menu and had completely moved most of all features from the classic control panel!

Untitled 11

Right now I just want to punch it right in it face but even so a less it simple to use and simple to learn all the new changes. This software can do what they said and has it in all in one! It just a lot of learning and getting familiar with all the new changes! It’s work, 7/10, for gaming, daily use, and work, even with the new changes. Sometimes it would be nice if they kept most things the same but without that, there will be no new revolution of learning new things and work around with the new changes of our world and I can work with it! I recommend upgrading if you need to, even with that high price now and the new changes!