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A world where there is peace, there hardly any crime at all. A commonly quiet place, but there still noise in some villages. This world where is green, that means no pollution in this world at all. There amazing stars up in space, beautiful trees, very clear fresh water and very clear fresh air. There is a foundation, where aliens help to save other planets like Earth.
Vextor Symbol 1080p
Earth has a lot of pollution in the air,water and other parts of this planet. There a lot of crime here and so many more issue. There even a chance that Earth could fall in a million piece, nooo, what terrible place to live on. No one wants this at all to happen on Earth. But first, these aliens have to go through superpowers training and self-defense training. By going through evil, spooky dungeons. They have superpowers that are using Fire, Water, Earth,  Lighting, Wind, the evil of Darkness,  and happiness of Truth. Once they’re done they will join this foundation, and do a lot of spying on Earth and finally come to earth. How did they go through these dungeons, why is this foundation in their world, how did they spy on Earth, and last what will happen when they arrive on Earth?

You just wait and see in Vextor: The Clan of Peace, (Vex-tor), on this website, now (no long | 4/6/2016). Art is here (no long | 4/6/2016) and more is on the way! There a language that they use and it coming soon.


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