Hello everyone, here is a small video about 20 minutes I did.  About my Top 10 apps found in the Play Store for Google Android.  While these Apps have free versions, I have purchased each of these apps from the Google play Android store in their full version so I don’t have to see those annoying advertisements.  These Apps are that good.  (In this video I am using the FULL PAID versions).  These top ten Android Apps are what I consider to be the top utility apps in the Google App Store.

I will warn you my phone revolves around productivity apps and utility apps.  For the most part I don’t buy many games in the Google Play Store because there are many better platforms to get your play on.  When I am alone with my phone I like think I am productive.

Unfortunately I had to blur some of this video to render the video for public consumption…  If you would like to follow along while I describe the apps in this video I have provided a list of links that take you directly to the Android Market where you can download the free version of these apps and follow along.

00:24 #1 Smart Tools (Full PAID version) https://goo.gl/9sQe4D

FREE (individual)
Smart Ruler https://goo.gl/REAjWY
Smart Protractor https://goo.gl/2ZWeQx
Smart Level https://goo.gl/dz3ApT
Unit Converter https://goo.gl/LJthrb
Smart Measure https://goo.gl/xXp1jg
Smart Compass https://goo.gl/ws6sHj
Metal Detector https://goo.gl/SLsght
Sound Meter https://goo.gl/7JyVCc
Vibration Meter https://goo.gl/EUxhVW
Smart Mirror https://goo.gl/KhK8e2
Smart Flashlight https://goo.gl/9oagKF
Smart Magnifier https://goo.gl/j1XM6q

09:06 #2 Accurate Altimeter FREE https://goo.gl/Zh3kE5
10:00 #3 Network Cell Info Lite FREE https://goo.gl/cLSuQ5
14:20 #4 Wifi Analyzer FREE https://goo.gl/WW6Yfg
17:45 #5 PingTools Network Utilities FREE https://goo.gl/9CZpuc
20:50 #6 SuperSU FREE https://goo.gl/8aJdKq
21:07 #7 Podcast Addict FREE https://goo.gl/M7ZnhH
22:00 #8 Titanium Backup FREE https://goo.gl/vcHRSd
22:28 #9 FX File Explorer FREE https://goo.gl/rwBCU3
23:11 #10 Scanner Radio FREE https://goo.gl/uehx8z

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If there is something you think I might have forgotten feel free to post in the comment section some of your favorite Utility Apps for Android.  I hope  you enjoyed my review of these apps be sure and follow us on all our social media and sign up for our mailing list and don’t miss a beat on our newest reviews, news and recommendations and stay in the loop.  Thanks again for stopping by.

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