I was just going to make this video mostly for my friends to show off the utilities that I use from Google Play Store.  Utilities I use on a daily basis that help me make life better most of these are utility based tools having/ ese guys that I use on a normal basis and that’s pretty much it all right so the one that I like to have on here is Smart Tools now they’re smart tools is very useful because it comes with a lot of tools that I use on a daily basis okay and I’ll go in here you got your ruler so you can get a guesstimation of how long things are you can also use this what you can do is you can take stuff and you can actually put it on the pad and you can measure it which is real nice okay you can see that there if we back up we have a protractor tool okay now you could turn this to the side here and you can have the pendulum swing and you can measure distances you can use this by putting stuff on the tablet this is this especially good on the tablet but you can also use this for your phone most least I have on my phone but and of course this level which is real nice you have a level inside of your phone or tablet and you can use this this is really nice now you can purchase these individually and specifically this unit converter was the one that I used to start this okay but Smart Tools the developer for this particular app makes makes all these individually and then makes this one called smart tools I highly recommend this smart tools because it has been a lifesaver for things that I need to go to on a daily basis that’s right there on my phone and I can have it on my phone on my tablet but that Unix converter was the reason why if you get the free version it comes with advertisements down in the bottom here but this is you can you can check volume you can check area basically you know okay so you got so you got 12 ft or we’ll just make it even here so you got 10 ft and then over here it’ll tell you all the different references for 10 ft 10 ft is 120 inches 4 feet 10 feet is 10 ft if you want to go 2 yards it’s 3.33 yards when you get the ideal kilometers it’ll it’ll it’ll do the conversion of kilometers it’ll do the conversion of miles you can see that’s only .009 4 miles you can do temperature time speed fuel for science this is when you get into like static Dynamics and Dynamics you got pressure you can use Force work in joules and powers and kilowatts so if you’re using like TriCity and then miscellaneous certain degree functions get your data you got your fuel gallons to milliliters which you know fuel is pretty much you can find it out back here when you do volume gallon 7 gallons and then how many gallons is it in the UK all right and then you can do distance here now that’s here what happens is it takes the angle so that you can use this and you can use your camera to measure the distance that your camera sees and it guesstimates are it does a calculated measurement of how far the object is to your tablet so you can estimate how fun it shows you right here how to take these measurements to get an accurate measurement which is real nice now I’m not going to do this in this in this video but this is this is something that might be very beneficial for you if if you’re an engineer in the field and you want to take quick measurements and stuff to bring back to your your quote on quote lab or your office this could be a highly highly beneficial application your compass now again your compass children how to set it up you do a figure 8 motion and it’s decently accurate 4 for any Compass function on a phone you’re going to get it within like three degrees I think that’s like the most I’ve seen and most of the compass functions is about 3 degrees but if I was to take an accurate measurement I would go get a field Compass where you look at the little hair and you do it yourself and that’s probably going to be your most accurate but these are for General measurements like I said if you’re an engineer in the field and you need to take quick measurements you go on location and it’s not specific you don’t have to pull out the plumb bob and go to town with that this is something you might want to just 4 for fast measurements now this series going to do your magnetic field this is your metal detector this this this is fun to play around with I wouldn’t use this to go treasure hunting but this is fun to play around with so it’s a definite bonus now I’ve used this one when you do your sound meter your sound meter is really nice normal conversation busy traffic ringtone and so this is very helpful to me because I have used this to install audio systems in vehicles and so I have used this and a number of occasions which is real nice plus if if if supposed to your work environment is very noisy you can use this to find out exactly how noisy it is and then compare it to other well-known so this is fairly nice and it’s really cheap compared to buying one off Amazon which is real nice now let’s see here fibrometer okay this is if you want to I guess in an environment or if you’re table shakes a lot maybe if you live in Hayward California your might want to he might find this more interesting than you know living in other locations so those two things I’m not exactly sure but it’s definitely a bonus Watching this and here you go to get your flashlight now your flashlight is real nice lights up this this tablet does not have a flashlight that’s why it’s not lighting up but basically what this is is this will this whole face here will become your flashlight and then of course you can flip it over you can flip it over to have a flashlight on the other side if you want to reverse it but for this particular what happens if each one of these like the ruler of the unit the distance to Compass the sound and the light each one of these is its own application so if you get the sound applications going to come with these two applications here if you get to Compass it’s going to come with the compass and the vibrometer if you get the ruler it comes with a protractor angle angle measurement and the compass and if you get the distance to comes with the ruler and if you get the units unit converter you get the unit converter on the light here and then what’s the last one the mirror yes the mirror the light and the light I’m sorry magnifying glass okay so your magnifiers knob that doesn’t use the camera on the other side to magnify what it’s looking at so basically if you have trouble reading something for some reason or no maybe your Indiana Jones and you want to look at the scripts from Egypt and you want to know the fine detail you can use this and you can use the camera to look at what you’re the specimen that you’re looking at then you can magnify it on the screen so that’s real nice that’s that’s the first one the first utility I use a second utility that I use is the accurate altimeter now this was $0.99 I bought it and I don’t think it’s a bad deal what it does is it ends up taking the measurements of the different functions now this particular particular tablet does not come with the ultimate does not have the necessary mechanics to make this work but there’s does work on my phone I didn’t use my phone in this case because because honestly like for security reasons that just it exposes too much and that’s why I didn’t use it but I will say that this is fairly accurate I’d say within a couple of feet so this is a nice extra bonus sit down sir we got here all right now we’re getting into some network type utilities that I really really really really enjoy okay show you here all right now with this application here what you can do you can find out your service connection for your phone the strength of your phone and it’ll show you up in the network bar here it’ll show you the strength of the signal that you’re getting from the antenna okay and it’ll show you also in this pedometer looking thing here and it’ll tell you which Bandits looking at all right so if you can see my wife I here you’ll see that I’m getting -42 DB’s here and I’m getting -52 DB all right you’ll see the frequency that’s using and you’ll see the encryption the type of encryption that using so if you come over to hear you got your raw signal okay and if you go over here you can find out see the signal is no another words it doesn’t show here my network cell info basically what this is okay again this is the network cell info it’s called okay it’ll show you basically all the signal strength of your cell phone signal so say say say yeah you’re getting weak signal okay in your designated area especially if you’re in the rural parts of the nation and one side of your house gets more single than the other side of your house this app will help you determine which side of the house you should be on to get the most signal so say you want to keep your phone in the window sill on the good side of the house this will help you determine which side of the house is the best side of the house to keep your cell phone and especially if you’re doing like a tether over here you got your plots that show out and then here you got your stats so it tells me to turn on my location we’re not going to do that at this time and then over here this is like your bread-and-butter this is the part that really flies with this application this application here basically it’ll give you a map it’ll give you a map of where the nearest towers are okay now here’s the kicker the kicker with this application is that you could drive around you can find out all the antennas in your location so say you want to drive around town to find all the antenna location you can find all the lint antenna location so you’ll know where in your town you will get the strongest signal you can also like I said before with the with the different plots you can find out which side of the house gets the stronger signal you can also find out which antennas are 3-g and which antennas are for G and that should help you out considerably especially if your if your map and out at work and you won’t install an antenna if you want to install one of those telephone telephone television antennas if you want to get instead of paying the cable company there’s alternative 10 antennas that you can buy in order to get better signal for cheaper price you just you know maybe you just have to buy the antenna because they’re still FM TV signals floating in the air and you want to know what you want you want to get those you want to see those signals so this is going to help you determine which side of the house gets the stronger signal on which side of the house has the antennas near it and then over here we got your sim info it’ll tell you your sim and what kind of Hardware your tablet or phone has and it can help you determine all that types of stuff so I found this and you can tell so if you want to pull from a different database you can direct it to different databases of different at 10 types so this is very good for Network of determining Network locations at your particular designation alright exit get out of here okay now 4 network for home network you soak a this is this is a very good application to use what this does is and I’ll have to Blue almost of this out unfortunately this is one of my favorite it’s Wifi Analyzer and I like this application but the problem with this application is that there is no way to buy it okay it always has these ads running down the bottom which is a real pain in the neck and I wish there was a way that you could buy it $0.99 would be perfect for something like this what this does is it tells you all the bands tells you all the all the Wi-Fi is available at this particular juncture and it tells you what channels are on in case you want to switch channel now what I like about this is I know this sounds probably stupid but I actually like this thing and the fact that it beeps so you can walk around and find out where the wifi signal starts to wear off like say say you want to go upstairs do you want to find out how strong the signal is is with the beeping you will be able to turn man where the signal starts to drop off and then you know play sure either you’re you repeaters in certain locations or if you actually just want to move your Xbox remove your computer WiFi you can do that if you’re not going on a WiFi signal maybe you don’t use wired you use Wifi here it gives you all your channels and all the Wi-Fi that are available in the area and here is the strength of the signals per Channel if you notice most your channels going to come down here just a word to the wise is most of your most of your newer wifi routers are going to use channels 12 13 and 14 and most of your older ones are going to end at Channel 11 so if you notice there’s a really high signals around 12 13 14 but not a lot of routers support that upgrade so just something word to the wise but you can see that the stars is very significant as far as trying to pick up the best signal for your router so that that’s why I highly recommend this one now here again you have your different decibels per signal if you want to what you can do is you can actually go to your tools and here if you go to your settings and you go to your hide add you can hide the ads temporarily so it won’t show the add until tomorrow that’s another feature set you can use but again you have to I would pay $0.99 for this app because I don’t want it’s awesome and number two I just don’t want to see the ads and I don’t even want to go to the settings and change it so I don’t see the add so again here you can tell which one’s the which one’s the hyped up on seems like the red has the best signal and so you can see which one the red is here Building C and then your next best one is the oops looks like you’re 21 right here my Spectrum okay so you’re my Spectrum so this guy here he’s got the best signal I don’t know if that’s my neighbor or the guy upstairs but there you go he’s got the best signal and you can see that and that’s pretty much it with this one Wi-Fi and answer it’s really good and it’s really clean cut and it really helps okay now for this one here this one is one of my favorite ones I had just purchased this one this one is awesome this honestly this does pretty much what the last one did accept it it shows a little bit more gives you more options okay now going to have to Blue this out but you’re going to get the point here I didn’t put this on my phone because again I tried it you know he the warnings of the opsec so we’re going to be doing some opsec here okay so let’s see here we got the local area network we have all the devices on my network okay you have this here or tells you SSID and tells me the manufacturer of my router I right give you the download and upload which is real nice now if you come in here what you can do is you can do your local area network it’ll tell you all the things on your local area network you can ping certain devices on your network you can ping also the internet you can do a go paying per location you can do Trace routes and you can watch it hop around from router to router you can do a port scan you do a port scan your own systems to find out which ports are open which porch need to close it also tell you all the different devices on your system and the ports that are open and which ones are being forwarded now this part here I haven’t figured out yet the phone as your browser if you want to do a Wi-Fi scanner again this is going to tell you all the devices on your that are available to you and you’re going to have your graph here which like I said it’s pretty much what I showed you in the Wifi Analyzer other the Wifi Analyzer still one of my favorites because I told you all the channels you still get now again like I was saying with the fact that most routers don’t have Channel 12 13 and 14 again most your older routers are going to have to .4 gigahertz and not the 5 gigahertz that’s displayed here so keep that in mind I right again I still like the Wi-Fi one but again this one is unbelievable that you can do a who is you can look up websites find out who owns them you can do a DNS lookup and you can do an IP calculator and a wake up on land so this is your basic yes your basic ping tools Pro is what it’s called highly recommended it’s one of my favorite tools it’s it’s a new tool to me so I’m totally stoked on that that this tool is amazing I I can’t recommend that tool enough that’s a new tool for me of course you got your good old Superuser and I’m not even going to go into this okay I’m just going to tell you that is one of my favorite apps on the phone I have not routed this rooted this I’m sorry so therefore it doesn’t really apply to this but I will tell you that that’s when other one of my favorite apps Podcast Addict it’s another one of my favorites you can get radio stations on here if you have the URL address you can do the podcast and includes a download manager so you can listen to it offline if you go in locations where you don’t have internet I’m sorry cell phone act access in order to download your data or if you have a data cap you can use this to basically store your podcast so on your ride to work you can sit around and listen to podcast which honestly podcast is like the new magazines instead of reading magazines at the dentist office you can put your earbud in and you can listen to these which is a lot of fun and I definitely recommend this by the sky Xavier I think his name is dude let me tell you this guy knocked it out of the park with the ease ability of this particular application and this is one of my favorite apps so let’s go to Titanium Backup everybody’s going to have titanium backup and only works on Route so I’m not even going to go into it really deep but Titanium Backup is one of the preferred methods of backing up your phone and moving it somewhere else so I don’t have root access on this but soon I will probably do a video of me rooting this because I need to root it I would like to have it routed so I can’t Titanium Backup Pro highly recommended and let’s see hero course you got your FX file explorer I love this I also upgraded and bought the FX file support again all these apps and I’m showing you I actually bought okay so these are the full version this FX file file is file explorer is one of the best I also like the fact that you can hook it up to your system and you can use file sharing alright you can use file sharing so that you can watch files from your computer on your tablet and then you can use your tablet as a storage device and watch stuff on your computer from your tablet you can do it either way so that’s that’s that’s a lot of fun I’m not going to go in there real fast with this this is just an overview of the top 10 utility apps and of course we’re going to end this one with the scanner radio now I totally love this app because I like listening to police frequencies and if you have a unlimited data plan you can drive in your car and you can listen to while actually it depends on your state because I think it’s certain States it’s illegal to listen to scanner while you’re driving in your car but for the most part for Most states you’re going to find that you can listen to your police scanner through your radio with your Bluetooth and you can basically switch around from station-to-station I find this highly fun to listen to and also so that you know we’re in town you probably shouldn’t drive right now maybe you have a place that you want to go to eat you find out if maybe that place is not the place you want to eat tonight maybe don’t want to go to that McDonald’s you can go to another McDonald’s whatever the case is highly recommended Paisley what this does is it pulls all the scanner frequencies from broadcastify.com and it’s a lot of fun listen to sometimes listen to this on the way to bed and highly recommended bought the full version which is not expensive at all and it’s one of my favorite apps so there you have it there’s my top 10 utility apps on my phone and I hope you gave you some ideas of what maybe you were thinking about putting on your phone or tablet there you go there’s my top 10 utility apps for Android anyway guys modog a piece thank you for watching and hope everybody’s having a great day







Hello everyone here is a small video about 20 minutes I did.  About my Top 10 apps found in the Play Store for Google Android.  While these Apps have free versions, I have purchased each of these apps from the Google play Android store in their full version so I don’t have to see those annoying advertisements.  These Apps are that good.  (In this video I am using the FULL PAID versions).  These top ten Android Apps are what I consider to be the top utility apps in the Google App Store.

I will warn you my phone revolves around productivity apps and utility apps.  For the most part I don’t buy many games in the Google Play Store because there are many better platforms to get your play on.  When I am alone with my phone I like think I am productive.

Unfortunately I had to blur some of this video to render the video for public consumption…  If you would like to follow along while I describe the apps in this video I have provided a list of links that take you directly to the Android Market where you can download the free version of these apps and follow along.

00:24 #1 Smart Tools (Full PAID version) https://goo.gl/9sQe4D

FREE (individual)
Smart Ruler https://goo.gl/REAjWY
Smart Protractor https://goo.gl/2ZWeQx
Smart Level https://goo.gl/dz3ApT
Unit Converter https://goo.gl/LJthrb
Smart Measure https://goo.gl/xXp1jg
Smart Compass https://goo.gl/ws6sHj
Metal Detector https://goo.gl/SLsght
Sound Meter https://goo.gl/7JyVCc
Vibration Meter https://goo.gl/EUxhVW
Smart Mirror https://goo.gl/KhK8e2
Smart Flashlight https://goo.gl/9oagKF
Smart Magnifier https://goo.gl/j1XM6q

09:06 #2 Accurate Altimeter FREE https://goo.gl/Zh3kE5
10:00 #3 Network Cell Info Lite FREE https://goo.gl/cLSuQ5
14:20 #4 Wifi Analyzer FREE https://goo.gl/WW6Yfg
17:45 #5 PingTools Network Utilities FREE https://goo.gl/9CZpuc
20:50 #6 SuperSU FREE https://goo.gl/8aJdKq
21:07 #7 Podcast Addict FREE https://goo.gl/M7ZnhH
22:00 #8 Titanium Backup FREE https://goo.gl/vcHRSd
22:28 #9 FX File Explorer FREE https://goo.gl/rwBCU3
23:11 #10 Scanner Radio FREE https://goo.gl/uehx8z

Click here to learn more

If there is something you think I might have forgotten feel free to post in the comment section some of your favorite Utility Apps for Android.  I hope  you enjoyed my review of these apps be sure and follow us on all our social media and sign up for our mailing list and don’t miss a beat on our newest reviews, news and recommendations and stay in the loop.  Thanks again for stopping by.

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