My name is Alfred and I lost my parents at age five. After they had passed away. I moved in with my grandparents. While living with them, I attended the school, Truth of Peace and Darkness Academy; this place isn’t on Earth. It’s not even in the Milky Way Universe. Up in space with all the planets, we know somewhere behind Earth there is black-hole containing the color of a rainbow. Going through this blackened whole is my universe. This world has seven planets, and the giant, dark blue, dark green globe has blue colored sky rings orbiting it’s outside named Vex. This planet also has three moons surrounding it. I live in the far north on the right of Vex-land in Infinity Village.

I never knew my dream job and probably won’t until a long time. But what I will know is my future as I will make my life experience a destiny for my children. We Are not humans nor are we aliens. We are not monsters nor are we colorful, cute puppies. But we can do what any human or animal can do. Yes, we can walk, talk, sleep, play, love and any other thing a human will or can do. Though humans can not do some of the things we can,  we can do the things they can. One thing we got over them is the advanced technology to shoot lasers from our eyes. Leaving us unstoppable. So in the matter that they can not do a lot of things we can, humans will never have the freedom as we do today.

Human-Aunts are almost the same as Zens but are different in the fact that they are born into different one clan. People think we are horrible, Monsters or Aliens from Space. This is not true for they have not met us yet but have only found are ships which are considered UFOS on Earth. People try to find us and are ships to turn into the government to experiment on. Though some live, none come back out from aliens investigate centers. This is all about to change for the better.  I was formed by my mother and father which were human-aunts. Thus making me a human-aunt.  A Zen and or human-aunt is a human body displaying antennas on their elf-like ears up to a fingers length in size and a tail which is covered in fur drapes down there back. We follow the same body parts as humans and or monkeys which are considered the theory of evolution on Earth. Most People on Earth would think of us as deadly, ugly, horrid vultures. But this is simply not the case. We are the most advanced race in Space, leaving us the safest and most caring. There is a big difference between us. We are peaceful and rarely have crimes which do not come without punishment.  But Earth nowadays is overrun with crimes leaving people homeless, families killed, people drunk and the most horrid things you can imagine. People can get a gun in the US very easily without fuss; Crimes is everywhere, leaving families worried for their own.  But we are at peace where there is no fighting and hardly any crime. Things are way more under control here as opposed to the US.  As our kind is friendly in its own way, our energy source is also environment-friendly. That means there are no harmful gasses like pollution harming the sky. Everything is safe on our homeland.

I grew up becoming a martial artist. I went through a lot of dungeons with my friends. When I graduate, I didn’t know what to be. One day I went to the library down the street in Infinity Village. I looked in every book of fantasy until I ran into this. Superhero. I read so many unlit the point; I want to be one. How I became a martial artist? How can I become a superhero? Who will take over me when I retired?

Right now chapter one and special thanks are out now. The full short story is coming 2018.


Downloads (.pdf):

Special Thanks (Available)

Chapter 1: Vex Information and the Revelation (Available now)

Chapter 2: Truth of Peace and Darkness Academy (In the works)

Chapter 3: My Dungeons Adventure (Only available in the full short story )

Chapter 4: My Journey Becoming A Superhero (Only available in the full short story)


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