About the Game

Myst is a first-person adventure puzzle game from 1993. Created by a small Indie game company for PC named Cyan. The story behind this game is this:

Story and Myst Island

In Myst, you play as a character known as the stranger in the middle of new Mexico at night. Right in front of you is a book and written on it, is Myst. Picking it up and opening the book. There is a moving image on the right page, showing an island named Myst Island. Touch it and you are going to transport to a new world or age as they prefer it.

Myst landscape

You land on a wooden dock and walking a couple of steps forward. There is a Marker Switch. Which you put it to the up position.

Various scenes from the Myst game

Image Chamber

Heading to the wooden pathway, besides it on the right-hand side, there is a love note. That said, “I had left an import message at the Image Chamber for Catherine”, from Atrus. To hear this message you have to find all the market switches and put that number inside the Image Chamber that is near the dock where you spawn.  This message is about Atrus talking about something with a town rotation, some books have been destroyed in the library and he assumes it is one of his sons. But he doesn’t leave it to a conclusion.

Myst Chamber


Now go to the library where you can find by the wooden path and just look for a rocket. Beside is a white building that is the library. Inside is a bookshelf with all brunt books with only five that are readable at the far back in the center. On the left and right side, there is a red and blue book. Beside each one is a page. Put the page inside the book dedicated to the same color and it will give you a message. These messages said they want pages in order to tell you everything about who they are, but they won’t by able to because of a time limit of the signal between their world and your world. To find the pages, you have to go to the four ages.  Each age has an access key. To get the access key you have to rotate the tower to that location or unlit, it goes red and you will find it.

Map of the Myst universe


Adventure around to all the worlds and you will find all the pages (you thought to yourself). During this, the person inside of the red and blue. You start getting a conflict you don’t know if they are telling lies or the truth. It gets all messed up in your head and all you know is the person who wrote the journies for ages inside the library, located it on the bookshelf. Because the way he talks and the information he gives you in the message back at the Image Chamber near the dock you know he is Atrus.


You put the last page in the red and blue book. It said to go to pattern 158. This pattern book is located on the far right of the second shelf on the bookshelf in the library. Finding that model and putting it in the fireplace in the right corner, There will be a green book and the remaining last two pages. Open the green book and reading it, you find only one thing different besides these pages. It gives you a message that is from Atrus. He looks like he is writing in a huge book on his rectangular desk. On the right side, there is a Myst book. This location is somewhere underground.

He told you everything. The red and blue books where trap books and his sons are in a trap inside it because of their greed and what they had done to the ages and books. There is no one left on the ages because they have all been killed or have left the Ages. But Atrus is stuck in the underground place or as they prefer to D’ni. There is a missing page from his Myst book back where you were.

White Page

During your adventure to the other ages, you must have had found two halves of a note. This note said, “to put all the mark switches up and the one by the dock down.” It gives a page that is for the Myst Book in D’ni. Heading to D’ni and giving the pages to Atrus. Gave you another message. During the message or the cut scene, he went back to Myst and did something with the red and blue book. His award to you is all the ages on Myst and bonus Age named Rime. He also said that he is fighting a fear foe, for that is more powerful than his sons.


Adventuring back to Myst. You finding out that the blue and red book have been burnt in the library and looking on the floor, you find a book. This book is the journey for the bonus age, Rime. It tells you the key to getting it unlocked. Once you have explored Rime, you decide to head back to Myst and go to the library to refill your goal that Atrus gave you. Going to the fireplace and linking to D’ni. Once you are at this underground place. Atrus provides you with a role for his mission and tells you what is next in the sequel to Myst that is Riven.

Riven CD Cover

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