One year ago, we took our first steps into the giant universe of No Man’s Sky. Before launch the idea of a vast universe full of exploration thrilled me but at launch it wasn’t long before I was asking myself, “is there more to this game?”

No Man’s Sky had an incredible amount of issues at launch from no Visual Studio 2010 support to its incredibly high price, but the most noticeable was the lack of features. It felt like the game was hollow and had nothing to embrace. The game at launch had nothing to dignify and it took a ton of hard hits and negative reviews which slowly brought its review on Steam to overwhelmingly negative.

6 Months later no response was heard from Hello Games (the publishers). Until updates for the game started spooling out which lead us to the latest update 1.3 The Atlas Rises. As of 01/09/2017 its reviews have rapidly boosted up to Very Positive and players from launch are coming back. When I returned to No Man’s Sky I was immediately surprised as the planet I had abandoned myself on months ago sprang to life. Everything was brighter and a lot more colorful than before, it was almost as if over the past year the planet I found myself on at launch had slowly grown life. Even the space stations now had an extra shine to them, making the coldness of space feel a little more exciting than before.

The Atlas Rises update also added a new set of awesome story missions that promise to expand the No Man’s Sky.

According to the patch notes, it’s a full 30 hours of new story content, and I’m interested to see if the quests related to that story are more engaging than the other missions I’ve tried so far. Several new ships can also be purchased and driven around, if you’re lucky enough to find them. All of this is on top of a wide array mechanical improvements and other game play additions that have been added in the months since launch, like ground vehicles in the 1.2 update.

I’ve only just started looking into everything that’s been added, but so far I’ve been impressed with the new No Man’s Sky. Had this been what I played at launch, I definitely would have thought differently about the game. Even if the new systems I’ve experienced aren’t as deep or rewarding as I’d hoped, there’s so much more to do that I find myself itching to start a new file so I can experience it fresh all over again but better this time.

That being said, if you didn’t like No Man’s Sky at launch I’m not sure the updates and changes it’s received so far will be enough to bring you back yet. The experience hasn’t changed much. However, there’s just more stuff surrounding it to keep you occupied. But if you’re like me and fell off due to boredom rather than distaste, then the Atlas Rises update is a great time to jump back in and see what a year’s worth of updates has turned No Man’s Sky into.

I would honestly consider going back to No Man’s Sky for another peek of what the game is like now.