I want to talk to you about a little game pulled out of my junk drawer today called How To Survive.   This game is somewhat of a gem because it’s a top-down zombie shooter.  It had good gameplay excellent graphics and was released October 23rd of 2013.

How To Survive Logo

The story itself is mildly humorous.  The most fun part I found was seeing where your friends died.  Each time you die the game leaves a grave where you died so no matter if you played the game a while ago you can always find out where you or your friends died which is pretty cool.  For the most part in this game, you do quests and talk to NPCs as they give you feedback and then you go collect items for them.  You have to keep your Survivor skills up because you will get caught with no food, sleep and water and that will cost you.  The game does have a simple crafting system, so there are items in the game that you will have to craft, however, for the most part, there is an abundance of most of the items that you will need to craft.

When it first came out, it went immediately on sale which is pretty uncalled for a brand new game and I ended up picking up the Storm Warning Edition which included all the DLC I later understand why this game went on sale immediately for PC on Steam (see below).  I enjoyed this game and the levels were not too redundant.  I’m one of those people that like to go and adventure out and make sure I hit every single little-hidden caveat.  I’m also a pretty slow player, so this game took about a week, about seven days to complete. However, the gameplay was intense, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Someone commented it took them six hours.  It reminded me of NOX for PC which was a Torchlight Style game that came out in the early 2000s.  The game is OK on keyboard and mouse; I would recommend a controller. It took awhile to get setup. However, I did have some fun playing some co-op with friends.  

This game is NOT recommended for dual monitor setup.  At least not out of the box.  In order to get the game setup I had to go into the game folder:

#:/………/Steam/steamapps/common/How to Survive/HowToSurvive.exe

and change Disable desktop composition (see Picture 1)


Needed to change setting because of dual monitors

(Picture 1)

Then I had to start the game and choose configuration and modify the settings to Window Mode (see Picture 2)

Also need to change the games configuration settings

(Picture 2)

Overall, I would rate it a 4.5/10. Only because of the setup trouble I had. If I were playing on a console, I would rate it 7/10.

If you watch the Steam sales, you can usually find it on sale for a pretty good price.

Sometimes on Amazon, How to Survive Steam code is already discounted, so check this option out too. How to Survive [Online Game Code] at Amazon.

If you would like to pick it up for Xbox One, your best bet would be to choose How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition up over at Amazon.  This Xbox edition includes all the DLC.