Don’t know what the Underworld in Minecraft is?  Well, you have come to right place.  The Underworld in Minecraft is a hellish place, full of terrible hellish monsters and ground to slow you down or kill you.  But don’t be scared, it’s not that hard as long you be careful.

The Underworld in Minecraft is actually named Nether in Minecraft…


….and the only way to get to there is through a portal named Nether Portal. The way you create this portal requires making an “obsidian portal“. Making this “Obsidian Portal” is not that hard, you can do it with lava flowing under water and a diamond pickaxe this takes 15 seconds to mine and it only takes a few blocks for the portal. This feature was added back in Minecraft Alpha 1.2.0 (Oct 2010) and reason behind it was to add the Nether world.  The Nether Portal gave us the option to go deeper than the bedrock and provided more landscapes to Minecraft, that underworld is now known as the Nether.  People use this place for gathering Soul Sand, Glow Stone, Netherrack, mushroom, quartz and much more.Also, you can get resources from the monster like Blaze, Gas and the Magma Cube….

You can even make the portal really big and much more.


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