In this video I’m talking about the Blackhawk Rosewill PC case it is a mid-size computer tower.

This is probably one of the best gaming PC cases on a budget. I love the way it’s set up, it has plenty of ventilation and has dual fans and it’s a hundred percent compliant ATX case. This case would make a great desktop computer. You could use it to make your perfect budget custom PC.  As a mid tower desktop computer case it is still one of the best computer cases available.

In this video I explain one of the quality control issues I had with the case when I bought it over a year ago. The case is from Rosewill which sells relatively inexpensive computer parts, I believe this was a minimal flaw and not a performance flaw that happened and I know NewEgg would have taken an RMA, however I decided to keep the case because I wanted to get the build done and I already had all the PC parts.

Now I have purchased Rosewill’s computer parts in the past including the popular Rosewill RX-358 3.5 inch external hard drive enclosure which was a phenomenal buy because at the time there was no external enclosure that included a fan to cool the hard drive. It was like they had read my mind. So I can’t knock Rosewill will for not being a great company with great products. However this Rosewill PC case did not come without a flaw. It seems the quality control that day was just not on point. However I can assure you that Rosewill does put out inexpensive quality products despite this issue. It’s just something you might want to look out for in case you need to RMA.

Overall I will still continue to do business with Rosewill unconditionally and will not hold this PC case against them. I am sure that other companies could possibly have the same flaws. I did not take this up with Rosewill so they are not aware of my particular issue. So my report my have a degree of unfairness to the company. I would still purchase this Rosewill PC case is 2017.

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