Rode VideoMicro unboxing and first impressions.

Today I got the chance to unbox the Rode VideoMicro, a great DSLR Mic, I’m really pleased with this compact microphone design which will enhance my videos audio like a hundred fold. This directional microphone is a perfect addition to my Canon 80D and gives me the ability to point shoot and click and get the shots and video that I need. It incorporates a high-quality cardioid condenser microphone capsule for the great audio that it provides. This microphone is tiny it’s only around 3 inches.  The package includes a dead cat which to me is essential for outside recording. As a bonus it also includes a shock resistant mount. The microphone is high quality aluminum construction. I already own a stand alone audio receiver, the Tascam DR-22WL which provides great audio already and is positional.  I don’t need to be near the camera in order to collect audio.  I just have to take a couple of minutes to sync the audio after production.

For the price of the Rode VideoMicro I think it’s one of the best audio deals. You could go to the next step up, the Rode Video Mic GO as another option by Rode but it still doesn’t seem to be a 100% professional mic, it seems to be marketed toward the Vlog generation as a point and shoot option. It sounds different but not by much. It’s nice, it doesn’t need power to run which is a plus in audio recording as you don’t have to remember to turn the mic on every time you want to record.

Now if you do want to go all out and step up to professional quality, that is where you enter the “expensive” price range for Rode.  Now you would be looking at the Rode VideoMic Pro. That would put you in a new price range if you can afford it.  It will produce spectacular audio, no doubt.  But again shot-gun, top of the camera, mounted audio is still not going to be the best placement for audio recording. Ideally a separate non-shotgun would be the best alternative for better audio. Optimally, hiring a guy to carry around a boom with your audio option would be the ideal audio situation. 🙂

With that line of thought I picked up the Rode VideoMicro as my best audio option and could not be more pleased with the purchase and the price I paid.