This Tulip lens hood is ready-to-go out of my Camera bag, and because it is reversible, it is my to go hood.

OK, guys do you want an absolutely exquisite universal lens hood for Canon 80D?  Well, this is the lens hood for you.  It’s what’s called a Tulip lens hood.

Tulip Lens Hood

In particular, this one I did in the video above is a 58 millimetre, and it’s also reversible. Just unsnap/snap and go.

It comes in two parts. One, a ring that attaches to your lens, and then a plastic Tulip design that you can snap on using four ball bearings and for quick disassembly you can snap it off, reverse it, and snap the lens hood on in the opposite direction.  Letting a fully assembled camera back in your bag.  This Tulip lens hood is non-reflective meaning that it’s Matte Black and will create no reflection.  It has a superior design and quality and will also protect your lens from flying debris or any possibilities of being in a crowd.  This lens hood for me is my go to lens hood for my Canon.  I’m not going to lie to you; before I knew what a lens hood was, I used to think it was called a lens shade so I just want to help correct the people out there who are still looking for lens shades.  It’s not a lens shade.  It’s a lens hood.

Because it is universal, this Tulip lens hood is good for Canon, Sony, Nikon all the DSLR cameras, so long as you get the correct diameter for the lens you wish to apply.  I cannot wait to get outside and start taking pictures with this thing again.  It is a joy to snap photos with.  This is my top recommendation after a week’s worth of research to save you a headache.  This will stop the sun flare from wrecking your photos and you know what that means?  Less post production work and saved time.

I think this is a great addition to your DSLR collection and a must have for serious photographers. You can pick it up right here.