One of the best PC adventure game back in 1993 was Myst and nowadays Cyan has made remakes of it! Evey remake follows the same story and has changed graphics and the gameplay to free mode for realMyst ones.

The best one for me out of the four (Myst, Myst: Masterpiece Edition, realmyst and realMyst: Masterpiece Edition)  is realMyst: Masterpiece Edition.This Game was Launched February 5, 2014, on Steam and PC only!

The graphics are amazing to compare to the original realMyst as showed even that just change a lot of details. That to me is absolutely awesome!

The Story is that you are a stranger stranded on an island named Myst Island and you don’t know your goal until you found the library.

Once you there. You found two books, red and blue. Inside them are two people, Sirus and Achernar. When Open one of the books you can’t understand them until you found a page lies in any of the four ages. Once you got one of them. Then you got them telling you stories and you need to decide who to trust but be careful because of there multiple ends. They are bad and good ones!

My thoughts on the game are that it’s good.  The puzzles are explained their self; even I hate one that the puzzle to get to Selenitic Age because it being a sound base problem, but I think that just me and other people, who don’t like sound base puzzles. Otherwise, the rest are good and okay. Overall I rate it 9/10 and definitely recommend play it if you got the time!