55-inch Rangers tripod…


In this video I do a quick unboxing of the 55 inch portable lightweight Rangers tripod with quick release ball head plate for DSLR cameras.

This small tripod is an excellent value for my money.  Reason being is because it’s very light, compact, comes with a beautiful case, if you’re looking for something in the 55 inch range.

I like the monopod feature, although short it serves as the best mobile lightweight monopod for travelers. The fact that you can take off a leg and turn it into a monopod with the robust ball head, it gives you substantial weight in order to hold your DSLR camera. It comes with foam grips, everything is high quality CNC machined aluminum. All parts fit tightly and if you can stand the height at 55 inches then this is the best tripod for you.

I would most recommend this to backpackers, hikers, people on the go, reporters who need to whip out a camera and take a picture ASAP.

The legs can be extended in a short amount of time with the quick release levers.  The next step up with this type of quality is in the next hundred dollar price range.  So this is a great option for a photographer on a budget.  This 55-inch Rangers tripod is the best travel tripod for DSLR cameras, it’s not carbon fiber however because it’s so small it’s still light weight.  You could use it for your camera or you could use it as a video tripod.  The price is right if you get it here 55″  Rangers tripod.  I believe this could be used as a professional tripod with this type of quality, it comes with a tripod bag and it’s one of the most compact tripods.  The main standing out point of this tripod is I love the Rangers tripod head because of the unsurpassed quality.  The ball head has some good weight to it, it feels great in the hand.

You will see on Amazon that there are a lot of tripods that look very similar like a whole family of similar looking tripods, they all seem to be priced fairly well apart this is one of them, and looking even at some of the high end, name brand tripods.  I have to say this batch of tripods is very good quality.  You should get in on these deals while they are available on the market.  Compared to the Manfrotto tripod of similar height, these are much better alternative for your wallet.