REPPO 69 inch folding professional tripod monopod

Today I want to talk to you about the REPPO 69 inch folding camera professional tripod/monopod which is a professional grade DSLR type camera tripod/monopod that you can put a heavy camera on.  This professional tripod monopod is not for low-level photographers this is a high-level photographer tripod.  It is heavy duty and this thing will take a beating.  All knobs have a rubber coating on them which will hold up to most hostile environments. Whether you have gloves on, your hands are sweaty; your fingers are greasy, you can still manoeuvre this tripod and use it to take great photos.  

This Professional Tripod Monopod has two legs with rubber grips

This tripod also doubles as a monopod which is bananas; I get both a tripod and a monopod in the same package?  The superior design of the ball head on this tripod is unique as in it has three different knobs to hold the camera in place.  Which can be used to take pictures in any position and at any height.  Whether you want to look straight down or straight up.  This tripod goes to 69 inches, which is taller than me, so I don’t know why, even if you were six feet tall, you would not find this an adequate solution to your photo taking?  This tripod/monopod comes complete with a bag that’s padded as well as three pairs of spikes for each leg in case you want to embed it in the ground.  Again if you’re in a hostile environment that might come in real handy.  I would not recommend this tripod to someone who needs to snap a photo ASAP.  Only because the legs extend using dials and not quick release levers.  However, this professional tripod monopod is fairly lightweight overall.  I would not say it’s the lightest, but I would say that the monopod option provides adequate coverage if you want to take this thing hiking or to travel in case you needed a “travel tripod” you might want just to take the monopod.  This tripod comes complete with two different bubble levels on the head to make sure that your camera is in the correct position.  Also, two of the legs have foam rubber grips so that it can easily be manoeuvred and adjusted with ease without having it slip through your hands.

Reppo 69" Tripod Monopod has a Professional ball head

Overall this is one of the most professional tripod monopods I have ever come across.  Previously I had bought the 55 inch Ranger tripod monopod which I thought was an excellent design. However, it did not meet my height requirement.  I wanted something taller and this Reppo 69 inch foldable camera tripod/monopod was the one for me.  Looking over this professional tripod monopod and comparing quality versus price this was what I was searching for and that’s why I picked it up.

Each one of the rubber feet can unscrew and be replaced with pegs

If you pick this up, you won’t be doing wrong. You have both options tripod or monopod.