The other day I got the opportunity to watch the movie Pixels. I am not to sure what audience this movie was trying to reach. But as an older guy I was taken back that it was a pretty great movie with exceptions. First Adam Sandler is starting to loose his funny factor. I loved the concept of the film, I love the story line, I loved the special effects, the visuals were great. I was really upset that Sony gave no homage to Buckner & Garcia for basically making their Pac-Man game all the rage back in 1983. Pac-Man Fever reached #3 on the billboard top 100 back in 1983. However it seems Sony just does not care about it’s roots. History has shown these bigger corporations like to destroy relics of the past with over abundance and copyright issues. Well that is a recipe for disaster however I am not here to provide Sony a better business plan. But we might now have an understanding of how a corporation giant might be hacked.



As an older gamer who remembers saving up your quarters from your paper route to go to the Arcade this weekend, I found this movie entertaining. Adam Sandler was alright with his punchlines however I have seen better for Sandler; Happy Gilmore, Wedding Singer, and I expected more hilarity. Seeing the old classic arcade games being portrayed in a virtual world was pretty cool. The 3D aspects of the games made me think that perhaps someday these games might comeback to life in a virtual reality world, ….Ahem, Oculus Rift.

Finally I need to point out I just don’t see what younger folks would see in this movie except for bright colors and neon. Bringing your child to this movie thinking you would be there to see “Shrek” you will be sadly disappointed. That’s all I am saying. This was more like bringing your kid to see “Hot Tub Time Machine“.

Overall I would give this film an 8/10. As in would I go to see it. The answer is easily a yes.

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