There is one shooter game that stays out from all the rest! Isn’t a Battlefield game? Nope! Isn’t a Call of Duty game? No not even close! Isn’t Team Fortress 2? No , but you close, lol! It’s no other than Overwatch from Blizzard Entertainment!

Blizzard logo


Overwatch is a heroes base first person shooter and an online only game. Also, Bizzard new IP in 17 years! I played this game back in beta, May 3- 8, 2016 and now have brought it on the launchers date, May 24, 2016! I say this game beat Team Fortress 2 complete out the football/soccer field!

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In Overwatch, there 21 heroes to play from with all their different neat ways of play style!

overwatch logo

Some example is Soldier 76 that is a player with an assault rifle to kill down it enemies and also he very similar to play if you from Battlefield games or Call of Duty games.

overwatch character


An another hero is Tracer who can move around and she can kill down her enemies by her duelling two pistols.

overwatch character


There five different selection to choice from when you play this game. Quickly Play, Competitive mode, Play against AI, Brawl and Custom Game! I have played all of these expect Competitive mode, because it just got add to the game, a week ago. There three modes that are, capture the flag (Payload), capture and hold the point and the last attack/defend the point. All these modes are played on twelve different amazing maps that work for any one play style include mines!

overwatch screenshot

Now played Overwatch for over a whole month and I got to say is just fun! It doesn’t mate is you lose or win, the hero is all neat and make them ready cool and fun to play. I love solder 76 and Bastion because of their simple play style of one with his assault rifle and one with a nasty machine gun! I played it with my friends back in the beta and I love it to bits! I rate this game a 10/10, wot, a masterpiece! I would like to see a story mode add one day. There is one that these heroes were a team named Overwatch that watches over the world and one day they went their different ways. Winston…

overwatch character


…now thinks they need us, so he called them. Fist person to called back was Tracer! That all I know and it would be neat to be one of the heroes and play through their story. I also like to have a custom player icon that you can unlock through loot boxes. I can deal without them and this game is too much fun to play. I wish there were more games like this to play in this years, 2016!


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