Wow, this open beta went fast, but it was definitely a great time to play it right from the beginning to the end! This beta began on May 3, 2016, for anyone who pre-orders on PC or Xbox One or PS4 between March 2016 – April 29, 2016. This part was known as early access for 2 days (May 3-4, 2016). Everyone has full access from a PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on May 5 for 6 days straight (until May 10, 2016).

So was this beta worth playing those days! Yes, it was for me, but don’t expect this being the same for just any other first person shooter! It’s completely different. There’s a roster of 21 heroes with completely different moves for each one, using the same buttons mechanics!

Overwatch logo

For me, it made it very interesting to play and was a whole different shooter than I had ever played! Soldier 76, was like any  other shooter character in other games…



and Tracer could move around fast,…



Bastion, a robot able to kill hero from his machine gun and way more,…



these are examples of some those heroes! There were 12 maps to play all being from all over the world and decent sides, they were really really cool looking!


There were 3 modes and choices to play against, a 6 vs 6 teams! They were followed by a hold or captured the point. The console version was playable on PS4, but I didn’t have a chance to play it on Xbox One because I didn’t have it, but I imagined it was! This game was a lot of fun to play on console!

Beside this, beta been a lot more fun for me and for a lot of other players out there, but I have some suggestions for new features and a few issues! Let’s start with the suggestions and one is a servers browser. Right now there is only quick play, but I would like to see a browser that lets you search through all the servers in that region and also be able to filter by different modes, rules, maps. Also more add-ons by the community of Overwatch‘s Fan Base! For example, if you were in the American region and you will see all the servers and able filter it for your needs! Another suggestion is let us have a custom player icon by unlocking it through a loot box. Makes this really rare and this would be cool to have! Those are my suggestions and I imagine there to be way more from the fans base!  The only three issues I saw were one, no scoreboard. OK, not able to see the other players scores its alright for me, but it would be nice to have something that covers everyone’s kills, deaths, and points down the line. Unless is was your intention not to have it, then keep it the way it is! I ran into CPU Performance jumps that reach up to 70 % CPU or high. OK, this OK for me, but please try to make the game keep between the refresh tolerance of 40 % – 50 % CPU Performance later down the line, it’s OK for now! This didn’t affect the frame rate at all, it stays at 60 frames per second with my Intel Core i7 3770 3.4ghz (Overclocked up to 3.9ghz) 3rd Generation and my Nvidia GeFore GTX 750 Ti OC, GDDR5 2GB of Ram, 128-bit from Zotac and DDR3 12GB of Ram. The hero Bastion is still a little overpowered, I got no clue what your team can do, but do not move him. He is too much fun! So even with the issues and not having some of those features, the game is great and I am glad I had a chance to play it! Thank you, Blizzard Entertainment for letting all of us have a chance in try Overwatch! Thank you!


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