Back in 1993 when not many people were playing PC video games, but one game change that all! That game has amazing realistic graphics and out stand for 1993. Also, have a rich story and out staying atmosphere. This no other than one of the best game in 1993 that is Myst!

Myst gameplay picture


Myst is one of my favorite PC adventure game know to man! I love it to bit due the atmosphere of stranded on an island with trees, builds and a single library, full with books to decades. You got no clue what to do until go found the imaging chamber and learn what has happened there, but even then you enter the library and found a red book and a blue book on. Now you are confusing and you don’t know who to trust, but you know what to do! Questions will be answered on the way, in your own ways! In my eye, this game has the best graphic of 1993 and even in the remake, like realMyst Masterpiece Edition!

Myst scene

In my opinion, the puzzles are not the hard to solve and they very enjoy in the end! This game was by Rand and Robin Miller of Cyan in 1993!

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But what if there was a sequel of this. There was in 1997, but now they are done with Myst, but that doesn’t change the love of the atmosphere of the game! Sitting down on my bed back 2013 and look at the Cyan Blog and a few second later. I found a Kickstarter

kickstarter logo


…of their next adventure game Obduction that is also the successor of Myst! Kickstarter is a website for people to donate money to give a kick start on your next project. There lie rewards ranging from a digital download of the game and manual as it stays, a t-shirt, digital download of the soundtrack and much more! It closed when they reach their gold of 1 million dollars, of an exactly mount $1,321,306!

cyan digital download page link to cyan on steam

Obduction get to work with the Cyan Team! In this one, you stranded on an alien landscape named Hunrath and you got no clue what to do or where you are!

obduction logo


obduction screen shot

I assume you will found out by asking the aliens there, but there seems to be not many. This game is run on Unreal Engine 4

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…and has one of best graphics I have seen to date! follow the same concept of move around freely to your heart contents and a simple click bu click by the mouse like old adventure game on PC. I badly can;t wait to play it when it releases on July 26, 2016, on Steam and other PC platforms! It’s not far away and I just can’t wait, look forward to that day and ones after! Can’t wait!

Note: Just a few hours ago, Cyan has delayed it to a month later, so August 24, 2016! They did because they want to fix up some of the things.  Here is a quote by Producer Ryan Warzecha: “Obduction is a product that we’re very proud of, and we don’t want to let unpolished edges get in the way of an amazing immersive experience.”  Source material was in part provided by PC Gamer Article, here!

obduction screen shot

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