Hello, everyone, this is Daniel and Welcome to a Minecraft review of a game we all play! Every single adult, every single kid, it’s no other than Minecraft.

Minecraft was creating in Sweden by a team named Mojang!

It Starts off in alpha on May 17, 2009, and it did have the basic. They are breaking blocks and place them to build amazing builds.

Minecraft got it full version on November 18, 2011, known as Minecraft 1.0.

It’s now 1.8.9 and it still in development. The team and community keep on making more ideas and add them to this game. There also a test version too. Minecraft has now sold a whopping 21 million sales and keeps get more every day.

Minecraft is a sandbox and its gold is to survival in the wilderness.
Right off the bat is to punch down a tree by using your fist to get wood.

Then you want to make some tools pickaxe, axe, shovel and probably need a sword to take down the evil monster of the night.

Known as creeper, spider, zombie, witch, skeleton and Enderman.

You can explore caves to find ores to make better tools and weapons.

You can even build a huge base to live in.

You might want to consider try out Redstone attractions, but they are not to everyone.

You can enchant tools and weapons to help out fight the evilness of the night and dig even fast then never before.

Make potion help you last long in the wilderness.

You can play with your friends.

The list is infinite!

You don’t even need to worry about dying since you respawn.

You want to go deeper, but you keep on hit bedrock. Perhaps you should head to the Nether, otherwise, know as hell. Cool place to explore, but be careful, otherwise, you might get shot off by a Ghast.

There are two bosses in Minecraft one is the Ender Dragon and the other one is the Wither.

There a mode where you can create anything you want that called creative. You had an infinite amount of suppliers and is good for creating big builds and test out Redstone stuff.

The community has made a lot of worlds, know as maps and they range from puzzle maps and super hard complete the monuments maps. There is two popular maps that are Diversity and Vechs’s Super Hostile Series.

There also mods that can be anything. There is one called Buildcraft, that give pipes and so much more. There is one called Mystcraft that let you create your own world, known as ages and last there one that help out with your inventory know as Inventory Tweak

I have played this game for about five years now and it’s a lot of fun to play. I can relax and play for hours and try out new builds. I like playing with friends on Servers and there are so many of them. I found this game very fun and interest to learn all the mods that the community has created over time. I had taken a break there, but I keep on coming back because is one of my favourite game. I give this game a 9 out of 10. It’s absolutely amazing masterpiece!

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