This is a little review I did of Killing Floor also known as KF. There is a new one called Killing Floor 2, KF2.


I’d like to call this series My Junk Drawer Series because I talk about the games that came out yesterday but people still playing them and some of them are timeless classics including this, Killing Floor.


The developer Tripwire Interactive created one of the best games of this decade. This game came out in 2009 and here it is 2017 and it’s still relevant. I don’t find it has any similarity to games like Call of Duty Black Ops. Killing Floor stands the test of time almost as much as Team Fortress 2 does. I find it much more enjoyable than Left 4 Dead 2 or Left 4 Dead for that matter.


Here in this video you will see a little bit of the gameplay, and experience two maps, the first map is one of my favorites, the second one is….. LOL…….. my least favorites. I find it most enjoyable on PC, and if you want to play console, you can only get KF2 for PS4.


But both games are worth checking out. If you buy KF2 for PC and don’t buy KF1 you are missing out.