It just might be. This game is great for any and everyone. It will hold up on some of the oldest computer specs. PC, MAC and Linux support will keep any of your friends from making excuses from joining you for a quick game time.

If you run a HackTop or a CrapTop and need a multiplayer co-op to mess with, this is your destiny.

It plays like the old Gauntlet game, not the new one with updated graphics.
You should pick up this game.
This does not need any crazy 2015 computer hardware.
I play this game with four friends on a 2004 Dell Latitude, 2.0Ghz 4gb RAM integrated graphics, at coffee shops on the crappiest bandwidths.
I have a horrible mouse for traveling so I stay away from the mouse games.
This one strictly works the keys.
I think it is hella fun by myself and even better with friends, Dude you really should grab a 4 pack ASAP. If it is on sale?? No Brainer.
You won’t be disappointed. Just don’t get lost in the game.

You can also pick up a copy of the HammerWatch original soundtrack which is pretty fun.