All right so I just did a review of The Guns of Icarus: Online.  Guns of Icarus: Online is a fabulous game.  It is what I consider a Co-op, Multiplayer.  Guns of Icarus: Online takes on a Steampunk theme and feel and gameplay depends entirely on a team-based gameplay.  The Guns of Icarus: Alliance, March 2017, will enhance the player base.

Guns of Icarus: Online has a Steampunk theme


This team based gameplay is essential to winning in this game.  Guns of Icarus Online originally released October 29th of 2012 and since that time it had many updates.  What I love about this game is the commitment by the developer, Muse Games and the programmers that brought this game together.  Following the gameplay of Guns of Icarus: Online you’ll soon realise how much of a commitment the players need to make to the game to have successful gameplay.  This includes the assembly of 16 players to play the game.  

The fault of this game's release was 16 player matches


Because of this shortfall, when it was first released in 2012 it did not have the audience in which it deserves.  The developers soon realised this and started constructing an A.I. experience for the other team.  This way it brings the number of players that need to assemble from 16 to 8.  Muse Games has been working diligently on this A.I. for almost two years and they are set to release March 2017.  Guns of Icarus: Alliance the successor to Guns of Icarus: Online brings this A.I. into focus and re-releases this hit game.  I have high hopes that this game will take off and that the hype truly stands up to its testament.  

Guns Of Icarus: Alliance a eSport in the making


Eventually, I would like to see Guns of Icarus: Online, the original 16 player game become an eSport.  Guns of Icarus: Online is one of the best games, a true multiplayer co-op experience.  If you don’t already have Guns of Icarus: Online go pick up a copy because you will not regret it and I have high hopes that Guns of Icarus: Alliance will enhance the gameplay and bring in the numbers and make this game a classic.  Use this link to pick up a Steam key over on Amazon today.