There are so many to choose from and finding the right one to produce videos with can be a struggle.  If recording from PC, you would go with a screen capture like OBS, Xsplit and any other ones on the market.  But if you are recording console(s), the obvious choice would be to get a Game Capture Device such as an Elgato HD60 S or the Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR.  When choosing any of these, there are things you need to consider.  High Quality is one of the most important pieces in producing a video in the fact that you wouldn’t want to watch something that looks like an uglier version of Minecraft blocks but instead look at a beautiful, crisp, smooth gameplay with commentary being voiced over it.  More things that relate to finding a Game Capture or Screen Capture is Price, Easy Setup, HD or SD, Audio and many others that will be mentioned later on.  So when finding a device that’s right for you, it can be a huge struggle if you are just starting.

OBS or Xsplit


OBS or Xsplit. Both are very similar in the fact that they both record gaming, both live stream and both are very customizable, and easy setup. But the big difference between both is the price.  Xsplit can be very pricey where OBS is completely free.  Xsplit is paid by the month(s) or year.  Although OBS is free, it is very hard to learn, where Xsplit is a one click setup.  Which makes OBS very hard for first timers just starting YouTube.  How are Beginners going to know what these settings are? I didn’t.

Picture of OBS interface and Xsplit interface

eeOBS vs. Xsplit


As you can see from the pictures above OBS on the left is a lot more advanced than Xsplit on the right.  Though OBS is cheaper to beginners, Xsplit is more easy to use giving beginners better quality.  So here are some features each offers towards quality and audio. Both record HD, both live stream, both have an audio recording.  So not getting too much into the specs, both do the same job, but one is just simpler and cheaper.  So in terms of more reliable, both are very reliable in the respect that both do a fantastic job.

Game Capture Devices


Game Capture Devices.  The old record the game console approach.  Yes, while it’s hard to find decide on a Game Capture Device, the payoff is great.  An example of this is if you wanted to record Zelda on the Wii.  Zelda is not for computers, only consoles.  So you can record games on a console that are not available to Computers.  But don’t just pick up any old one.  LOOK!  There are a couple to choose from.  Such as the Elgato HD60S, a very reliable brand, or Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR as well a very reliable brand.  Though both are very expensive, ranging from $135 to $200, the outcome is great.  My advice is to invest in Quality and Performance for the best success.

               Elgato HD60 S

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR


Yes, I would have to say that the Elgato HD60 S looks great, but don’t let that fool you.  Though it does look great with its glossy finish, recording can be a struggle when capturing the PS3 or Xbox with an HDMI Cord.  The problem is, the only way to get HD is with an HDMI cable or cord; it’s even in the name, HD(MI).  And the only way to hook up the HDMI correctly to the console is an “HDMI splitter” which can run you a lot of money as well.  But besides that, they’re great choices for recording gameplay.  Both have 1080p, 60FPS quality; both have great audio, both are easy to use.  So I would say having one is well worth it.

Which is a better Game Capture Device


It can be hard to tell out of so many, but between the two it can be even more tricky.  Though the Elgato HD60 S has great features, the HD PVR has the same.  So let’s not look at specs like quality, but at things like software that comes with them.  First off, the Elgato comes with Elgato’s Sound Capture.  This Software which can be installed for free from the website allows for team chat, music, multi-audio tracks and more.  So in terms of software for the Elgato HD60 S, you can’t beat it.  The HD PVR sadly does not come with any software to allow for better gameplay or audio, so the Elgato has it hit with software.  As in terms of looks, the Elgato 60 S has it beat with its glossy finish and outstanding look in software.  The Elgato HD60 S is also cheaper than the Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR.  So if you’re buying a Game Capture, buy Elgato for best software and performance.

Is Xsplit Better Than OBS


Now purchasing a “screen capture” can be even more complicated than buying Game Capture Devices in the fact that there are so many to choose.  But today we are comparing only two, OBS and Xsplit.  They almost have the same features as the Game Captures software. First of all, OBS has available two software features such as OBS Classic and OBS studio.  Though both are kind of the same, both are set up in different ways.  Yes, the price is a big deal, but it’s not the most primary concern when looking for features in a product.  Right now OBS Studio is even more updated and is a nicer looking version of OBS Classic, they have simplified the features a little in Studio.  Both are completely free and have plugins which can be installed at no additional cost.  This can also be said with Xsplit as the plugins can be installed straight from the software window and Xsplit also has software options, Xsplit Gamecaster and Xsplit Broadcaster.  You will get both with one license.  While OBS just updated their OBS Classic to OBS Studio, note they look completely different.  Xsplit on the other hand just included a feature that lets you open up Gamecaster in game.  This means you will never have to leave the game to start recording.  So I would say it is kind of hard to tell because of the similarities between them and the constant updating.  So in terms of these two, I would say Xsplit is a paid version of OBS.  If any software is added or updated I will update the winner.  For now, this is a tie between the two.  Two things I would like to point out is that you can use these Streaming services with Game Captures.  Yes, you can use the window of the Screen Capture as the window for the Game Capture.


Recording Resolutions and Specs

Elgato HD60 S specs:

1080p for the resolution.

Up to 60FPS for the Frame rate.

Bit Rate: any.

Audio: Compatible.

Software: 2.

PC: Windows 7 SP1 (or later), 4 GB RAM, built-in USB 2.0 port.

Mac: OS X 10.9 (or later), 4 GB RAM, built-in USB 2.0 port.

Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR specs:

1080p for resolution.

Up to 60 FPS for frame rate. Please note this all depends on your CPU and graphics card. You might have to downgrade your resolution and FPS if it’s not high enough and becomes pixelated.

Audio: Compatible.

H.264 AVCHD video encoder.

AC-3 audio encoding.

Recording datarate: from 1 to 13.5 Mbits/sec (user selectable)

Recording format: up to 1080i from component video (YCrCb or YPrPb) NTSC: 720p60, 1080i60, 480i60, 480p60. PAL: 720p50, 1080i50, 576p50, 576i50, 480p50, 480i50…

NTSC or PAL supported.

OBS Specs:

1080p for resolution.

Up to 60 FPS for frame rate. Please note this all depends on your CPU and graphics card. You might have to downgrade your resolution and FPS if it’s not high enough and becomes pixelated.

Audio: Compatible.

Audio bit rate up to 160.

Bit Rate: Any. All depends on your computer specs.

Xsplit Specs:

1080p for resolution.

Up to 60 FPS for frame rate. Please note this all depends on your CPU and graphics card. You might have to downgrade your resolution and FPS if it’s not high enough and becomes pixelated.

Audio: Compatible.

Processor: For HD 720p Recording/Streaming: 2nd Generation Core i5 or equivalent. For HD 1080p Recording/Streaming: 2nd Generation Core i7 or equivalent.

Memory: 8GB.

Graphics Card : GeForce/Radeon Class (DirectX 10.1 compatible or better)



Though all of the choices will capture game play, only one can be the best. So if I were to recommend a device and screen sharer, I would say the best for the buck would be Elgato HD 60 and for screen shares, OBS.  I know that there are so many more on the market such as Dxtory, Bandicam, Fraps, Roxio.  I know that I only reviewed the two most popular and I am writing this article geared toward a beginner plug and play solution.  I have been comparing game/screen captures devices since they hit the market almost 3 years ago.

If you would like me to write more of these reviews maybe for Bandicam or Fraps let me know.  Find me on YouTube or shoot me a message over on Twitter.  I hope this helped you out in someway.  I want to thank you all for reading and have a great day.

– CaptainStankFish