Rubber Canon Lens Hood 58mm

I want to tell you about a recent purchase that I made.  It’s a rubber 58mm Canon lens hood.  I bought it for my new Canon 80D camera.

The lens hood is made of a durable rubber although it is a collapsible lens hood so you can position it into three different positions.  It is an all-around universal DSLR lens hood you can use for close in photography or distance photography.  This lens hood is ideal for blocking out hazy sunlight and sun streaks in your pictures.  This 58mm Canon lens hood screws onto any 58mm lens.  The camera that you use does not necessarily have to be a Canon 80D; it could be a Canon 70D, most of the Nikon’s, as well as the Sony cameras.

Canon Rubber Lens Hood

I use this lens hood for Canon 18 55mm lens, in fact, that is the lens that I used in the demonstration video above.   This rubber hood is also useful for providing safety to my lenses when I use them in a not-so-friendly environment.  Say a crowd or windy weather.  Overall this lens hood by Digital Goja/Altura is a great piece of hardware accessory for my camera.  I am thoroughly pleased with the overall performance of this lens hood.  And can not wait to get out and use it more.  Deciding which lens hood to use, either the Tulip or this Collapsible Rubber is a personal choice.   Although some vignetting will occur on the 18 55mm lens using wide angle shots, it should not stop you from taking some great pictures.  You just need to note while you are taking pictures where you should shape the rubber too, either fully extended or at the minimum height.  You might want to keep it always open and pull the hood back to it’s most open position to allow the most light in. If you experience too much vignetting.

So get out and get the shots the big guys get by picking up one of these today.