Hey, guys today I’m going to tell you about my set up.  Honestly, I do not want to brag, but it is the best video camera setup and is a contender for the best camera for YouTube.  This is the set-up I’ve been using for about two years and is an excellent setup.  The camera I use is a JVC Everio camcorder Quad-Proof HD camera and this thing is pretty nimble.  
JVC Quad-Proof Camcorder
According to the JVC specifications:

  • Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080i / 60 fps (24Mbps)
  • 1920 x 1080i / 30 fps (17Mbps)
  • 1920 x 1080i / 30 fps (4.8Mbps)

It is not just water resistant but it’s also temperature resistant, dust resistant, and this thing was built for durability.  This camcorder is the ultimate for outdoor use, not only can you fit it in your pocket but then you can whip it out and catch the video that you want in short time.  It’s full HD and reading some of the reviews; someone said it will withstand volcano fumes?!  Now I don’t know how close you’re going to get the volcano fumes but I suggest you don’t actually try that, LOL.

Like I said it is the best camera for YouTube.  It says in the instructions that this camera will float, but again I would not suggest taking it in any sort of water.  I just would not trust it, it makes reference to being waterproof however I would not test it.  The most that I would come close to water would be a torrential downpour.  I use this camera on a $5 Vivitar tripod that I picked up on a Black Friday sale like 3 years ago.  The tripod is ultra light aluminium and an absolute pleasure to work with.  The tripod comes with quick release levers so you could whip it out in a tight spot.  Together, this tripod, with the JVC Everio camcorder is the perfect setup for a first-time producer, it might just be the best camera for YouTube.  You can get all the camera angles that you need and the camera provides you with the durability that you will need while travelling.  Overall I don’t think there is a better set up out there, it truely is the best video camera setup and honestly it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get this perfect setup.  I listed the JVC Everio camcorder specs above as I highly suggest this setup.

They do not sell the Tripod I have anymore. Vivitar has discontinued this model.

The Vivitar tripod I recommend that is most like the one I have, is updated and has better newer parts is this one…

Vivitar HF-TR59 Digital Camera Tripod with Carrying Case

As you can see it is still well priced, too.  I highly recommend this setup especially if you are going to make dynamic action videos your focal point on your YouTube channel.