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Conditions of Article Submission

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All articles should be 600+ words of original content (your own content in your own words) and contain no profanity or “R rated” pictures. Your article should be about Gaming, Games, Hardware (PC, PS4, Xbox), The State of Gaming, Developers, ioT (The internet of things), Internet security or the like. Articles can contain pictures and video links to the relevant videos on YouTube or Social Video sites. Use the special instruction section of this form if you want us to consider how the article is presented. Take into consideration you can arrange how you want the article to look by setting it up properly in Google Docs or Microsoft Word. If you set the article up in Google Docs you can submit the article’s shared url along with additional special instruction and include pictures where you want them displayed throughout your article. 

Please do not submit your latest Minecraft video with commentary on the adventure you took with your friends on a server somewhere. Please put some thought into your submission and correct your spelling and grammar. Articles will be reviewed, NOT EDITED before they go live and we reserve the right to not publish your article for not being properly edited. Remember this will reflect on your intelligence and what people will think of you then they come to comment on your YouTube Channel.

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