So Francis Ford Coppola wants to turn Apocalypse Now into a new video game.  The semi-retired American film director, producer and screenwriter, Coppola got his start in award-winning movies in the gangster genre by directing The Godfather series in 1972.  Coppola has a long list of awesome movies including Apocalypse Now, The Outsiders, Captain EO, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Peggy Sue Got Married, The Great Gatsby, American Graffiti, Jeepers Creepers 1, 2, 3. Francis Ford Coppola puts out some spectacular movies, I mean just incredible movies, that’s what I’m trying to say.

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I am stoked on the fact that Francis Ford Coppola is going to try to take on this venue right now, he has a Kickstarter (Official website) campaign trying to raise $900,000 to get it started.  At the time of this writing it is up around $150,000 raised.


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I hope he has taken the time to get involved in the video game world and he talks to the right people because if it is anything like a Call of Duty?  I believe fans are going to be really disappointed. I think that Francis Ford Coppola needs to take a look at an old school game; Battlefield Vietnam the original (one of my favorite games of all time, available only on WinXP), which was made by DICE.  My opinion is the Battlefield series is not as gritty and dirty as it used to be and therefore it lacks in the atmospheres of war that I tries to portray.  I believe Battlefield Vietnam has to be one of the best Battlefield games that DICE has ever produced.  I believe that Battlefield Vietnam actually takes on the atmosphere of Apocalypse Now and hence I would expect Francis Ford Coppola to only settle on the best of the best.  Apocalypse Now has a quiet cult following.  Mainly older people who either lived during the 70s or were affected by the Vietnam War.


Apocalypse Now has a lot similarity to Battlefield VietnamApocalypse Now has a lot similarity to Battlefield Vietnam


Now he says he wants to make this new video game a psychological drama? I like that.  With a single player campaign or perhaps a multiplayer Co-op? Four guys on a boat heading upriver? with cinematics, voice overs of Marlon Brando sound a likes and completed with narration of a Martin Sheen?  This new video game would rock.  This would all enhance the atmosphere or the madness of war.  By doing so it would take on a F.E.A.R. style gameplay and perhaps with the darkness and fire of an even DOOM.


There are not many new video games or any video game for that matter that have been successful in the adaption from a movie.  Whether it is a B rated movie or a blockbuster hit movie such as Apocalypse Now.  I believe the last great adaption new video game was the adaption of David Twohy’s movie RIDDICK, developed into an almost complete movie chapter called The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay by developers Starbreeze Studios and Tigon Studios.

Best Movie to Game - RiddickBest Movie to Game - Riddick

The RIDDICK games: The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and it’s sequel The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena both have a lot of replay value however because it was not marketed to the PC Steam crowd (even though it plays well on mouse and keyboard) the game just died.  I believe it had something to do with Vivendi Universal Games and Sierra Entertainment publishing the first game then changing to Atari. Great games have died due to publishers. Who knew? As always the merger/acquisition/greed and disagreement destroyed a great game. I hope this sits well with the creators of any Movie to Game adaptation.


Since Francis Ford Coppola is also good friends with Mr. George Lucas.  I think this game might be in good hands with this type of experience.

If I was to make one suggestion to Francis Ford Coppola it would be this…

I know you have your own development studio American Zoetrope and they included an impressive set of developers however from my personal experience…

I believe that the developers that should develop this game would either be Rebellion Developments who makes the Sniper Elite series or the developers of Killing Floor, Tripwire Interactive.  Those are the gentleman who I would like to see make this game.  Because I know that these Developers don’t settle for mediocre. These are the developers that pull out excellent games in both gameplay as well as graphic quality. In 2017, graphics are not a hallmark of great gameplay. That’s my message to you Francis Ford Coppola, go out and make yourself this great new video game because I’ll be here to play it.  

P.S. Mr. Coppola please make sure you make a stand alone PC version……… and not port the game over a month later. 🙁


In the heart of darkness you will have a friend

My favorite character in the whole movie, Dennis Hopper, God rest his soul.

– In the heart of darkness you will have a friend.


If you want to be part of the development of this game you can contribute to the Kickstarter campaign Now on their  Official website They have some nice offers for their backers. So don’t be afraid to help make this game happen.