Jelly phone?

Jelly smartphone kickstarter page


Is the newest smartphone concept, Jelly phone, that is poised to run Android Nougat going to be the next Nokia icon phone of the 21st Century?

I recently read an article over on  That talked about this new seemingly iconic 2.45-inch phone that is up on Kickstarter right now. While this certainly is a break from phones such as the Samsung Note Series that are synonymous with holding a waffle up to your face. This phone could quite possibly be too darn small.


Back in the day, the Nokia 8210, was one of the smallest phones that you could throw in your pocket without taking up a lot of room. You also didn’t have to babysit the Nokia 8210 as much as you do today’s smartphones, such as the Samsung Note Series or similar phones.  By this I mean you didn’t have to always be conscious of it looking like a brick in your pocket, or trying to find pants with deep enough pockets.

Here is a video about the new Jelly Phone Smartphone product concept…



While the unique size of the phone is perfect for skinny jeans and Def Leppard spandex and taking up room in your hip purse.  The Jelly Phone doesn’t seem to do much in the way of ergonomics. With the average hand sizes for an Adult Male being Length 7.4 inches, Width 3.3 inches and for an Adult Female Length 6.8 inches, Width 2.9 inches.  The Jelly Phone Kickstarter page lists the Jelly Phone’s dimensions as the following: Length 3.6 inches (92.3 mm) and Width 1.7 inch (43 mm).

As you can see by these dimensions, with all that extra room in your hand, your hand is going to be clawing to grasp and hold this phone. With such a small display as 2.45 inches, you will not be doing a lot of playing games on your phone on lunch breaks.  I am not even going to mention trying to text people.  The keyboard looks like it takes up 3/4 of the screen.  I imagine speech to text would be the best option for texting on this phone.

With all this said about the size of the phone this isn’t to say this phone does not have a place in the market.  It might have some serious application.  This phone can act as a second phone for executives on the run, only out of the office for a few hours a day.  Or as a teens first phone because their hands are smaller.  Quite possibly the phone could be used for a sales guy who uses speakerphone all day and deals mostly with business contacts on the phone through a speaker. This Jelly phone seems geared more for someone who uses just the phone.  


By this, I am only saying that if you spend hours on the phone holding it up to your ear, or want to text all day to your friends on your favorite social media?  This phone might not be the best option.  We have come to live in an era of people becoming accustomed to full blown PCs in their pocket.

I will anxiously watch, as this phone is brought into existence. I wish this development team the best of luck.  And, Hey! You might just be one of the people I mentioned that this just might be the phone for you? What do I know?

Here is the Kickstarter campaign —>>> Jelly, The Smallest 4G Smartphone