Who we are:

We are the riff-raff of the internet. We are a small group of rag tag scruffy PC guys who love to take on the Internet with the tools we learn and bring enlightenment to our followers. We strive to help people who help themselves and ask for help. Our team is willing to help each other as we all have our own personal interests so we bring an array of expertise to each other.

Video games – We are all “Social” gamers and “Lightly” competitive.
We are not “Insanely” competitive but that does not mean we don’t have teeth.
We like everyone to be having a good time, that to us is much better than a super high K/D ratio.
We like to kick back and enjoy meeting and playing with individuals from all over the world.

So what are you waiting for join one of our groups now!!!

Come join our Platoon – WorldwideSocialGamers on Battlelog.

Join us and let the fun begin….


History of [WsG]:

Back in 2011, the Original Gamer was involved in a highly fun and vibrant clan centered around the game Day of Defeat: Source.  Many talented people gravitated toward this clan for it’s vibrant community and lifelong friendships that were formed.  Over 300+ active daily members from all around the planet got their game on and had untold fun.  Eventually more games came to market and the clan wanted to branch out and keep up with those games.  Since the clan was mainly using Steam as a contact forum when the highly popular game Battlefield decided to leave Steam, there was much disappointment.  In order to coordinate game-play, the Original Gamer setup a Member Group called [WsG] Worldwide Social Gamers BF3 on Steam.  This worked in the short term.

WsG Logo 2011

Eventually there was a few meetings about the situation and many ideas were proposed about our beloved Clan.  One idea was to collect as many talented people as we could and design a new clan that was self sufficient and able to leverage a website with articles and advertisement to provide the funds for multiple game servers, website hosting, domain fees, etc…, etc… and possibly make some extra pocket change to be split evenly among it’s participants.  Not to mention learn new skill sets that each person could validly place on a résumé.  Each person could also use their own skills to market on this website and get paid through the website individually.

WsG logo 2013

So with the help of long time friend and a fellow Veteran Gamer we began Worldwide Social Gamers (http://wsgclan.net).  At first we hosted a Battlefield 3 server and started design of a website.  First with the name http://worldwidesocialgamers.net.  The .net for the implication of the term networking, with people around the world.  Or in today’s (2017) terms what we now know as to collaborate with others on projects.  For many years the Battlefield 3 server and website had a small level of success.  The BF3 server did much better than the website.  We also picked up some new members, we lost a few members due to real life circumstances, and here we are today.

WsG logo 2014

In the beginning Worldwide Social Gamer started as a clan venture, in the classical sense, but a point came to where Worldwide Social Gamer needed to break from the classical “clan” mindframe and begin to think outside the box.  In the end Worldwide Social Gamer has become a couple guys blogging and we are proud of that.  We gained some limelight with making it onto Feedspot.com’s Top 100 Gaming Blogs and still look toward achieving even greater levels of success as we move forward down this rocky road of gaming.  So stay tuned.

WsG logo 2016

Our Legal Stuff (summary):

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…bonded thru gaming (slogan)
Written as dot, dot, dot, bonded, thru (misspelling), gaming

Worldwide Social Gamer is part online magazine and part social community that helps bring articles and alerts to the gaming community. Worldwide Social Gamer promotes a healthy interaction of social and diverse networking among it’s network of people around the world. All articles are the sole property of [WsG] and/or it’s writers and may not be copied, distributed, rebroadcast, without the sole written permission of [WsG].

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